Friday, July 11, 2008

A b o u t d j N D . . .

Dj ND > is a Leo, a loving, sensitive, caring, thoughtful, gentle, polite, courteous person with very poor patience and terrible temper. He likes bowling, skating, movies, music, karaoke, webpage design, graphics, technical stuffs, cars, cats, pineapple tarts, corn, fun, traveling, money, good job, study, friendship. Doesn't like lies, dogs, pigs, illness, dirt, metal music, doubts, too many choices..the rest..kena tanya sendir lah gan ND ;)

Dj ND > staying with my mum at Seksyen 8, Shah Alam right now.. Family and Friends comes by once in a while to keep me company. My brother Hasri & Ezwan especially. Occasionally I'll throw a pot luck party or a gathering just catch up on everyone all at once. Its nice having your own place. But taking care of it .. is a hassle

When I'm not busy with work, I'm usually at home or my sister house in Kundang, Rawang. Tak pun dengar KLfm ;)

Yea... also some shout out to my internet buddies who keeps me company at the office. I know its kinda weird as I tend to be very busy with personal stuffs, working, drawing, studying, holiday and such, so I mainly talk to people on the net and email people. Yahoo messenger normaly..


azieazah said...

Salam kenal ND...

waktu mana ND ni duty, tak perasan la... sori ek..

Apapun selamat maju jaya bersama KLFM... I like your smile... :D:D

Anonymous said...

ya selamat maju jaya!! hahahha