Saturday, April 17, 2010


Do you know what 'love' is? Could you explain it in your own words? Is something emotional; mental, or something else? Actually ND is in love with some one right now..who??? oh no, can't mention her name here...btw.. i just write down here some of my idea how to clearify LOVE from my mind..lets check it out!

Love knows no reasons. Love knows no lies. Love defies all reasons. Love has no eyes. Love is not blind; it sees but it doesn't mind. Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. Love is so easy to feel, so hard to explain; easy to get, so hard to let go; easy to spell, so hard to define.

Yet, everyone is still taking the risks.

Love is a feeling that's seen in one's eyes.

Love is the sight of the sunset and sunrise.

Love is the joy that make people smile.

Love is the pain that makes people cry.

To love is to feel the other so dear.

To the point you taste his or her tears.

Love doesn't seek what's not there.

Love accepts all pains to bear.

Love that doesn't die is love that we can't see.

Love will fly if you held it too lightly; yet it will die if you held it too tightly.

In words, love can be read. In actions, love can be measured. But others don't know that even in silence, love can be heard. The meaning of love is inexplicable.

It can't be described similarly by everyone;

but one thing's for sure, love begins with; friends.

Love is created NOT by words, but by feelings; NOT by humans, but by hearts; it is better expressed in deeds than in words.

For love has no definition, it exists. Never expect love to be always at its best, because if you do, you will never appreciate its existence.

Remember, that there will always be one true love for you, to have and hold. It may not be one you expect, but it's the one you deserve.

Love is supposed to be the most wonderful feeling.

It should inspire you, give you joy and strength, but sometimes the things that give you joy can also hurt you in the end.

Love works in magical ways, but never be fooled by the promise of forever. There will come a time when the spark will die and when that time comes, we must learn to let go, no matter how painful. Love can never be wrong; it's the people, time and place that go wrong.

Learn from your mistakes; don't correct a mistake with another one.

In the course of love, ones heart must be brave; brave enough to hold on when things do wrong and brave enough to let go when they realize that things are not meant to be.

Love can never be forced or created if it was never meant to be nor can be destroyed if it was destined to survive.

Love may leave your heart like a shattered glass but keep in mind that there's someone who'll be willing to endure the pain of picking up the pieces so you could be whole again.

There's always pain and disappointment when falling in love, but continue sharing your love cause the more you love, the more you'll get to know yourself, cause every person you love becomes your reflection.

Let love be the guide to your dreams,

Let love be the light to your heart;

Let your love be the reason why somebody else's heart still continuous to beat.

Loving is NOT how you forget but how you forgive;

NOT how you listen but how you understand;

NOT what you see but what you feel;

and NOT how you let go but how you hold on.

Letting go of someone you truly love is hard but holding on to someone who doesn't feel the same is much harder.

Giving up doesn't mean you're weak. It only means that you're strong enough to let go.

"If you love someone, set him free. If he comes back, he's yours.

If he doesn't, he never was".

It really hurts to love someone who doesn't give you the time of day, but what will hurt more is when you realize that someone whom you don't give the time of day loved you and gave it up because you loved someone else.

Love is a contradiction.

It's hard to find but easy to lose; makes you feel good but hurts you so bad; opens your eyes but makes you blind; fills up your heart but tears it apart.

Love is like air and you can't see it but you can feel it.

Loving people means giving them the freedom to be who they choose to be. Love is allowing people in your life to make choices. Love is a noble act of self giving, offering your trust, faith and loyalty.

The more you love, the more you lose a part of you; yet you don't become less of who you are, you just end up being complete.

Love need not stand in front of us to be recognized. If it's far for the eyes to see, it has power close enough for the heart to feel.

If you want a butterfly, don't run after it. Instead, sit down and it will surely land on your palm when it needs some rest.

That's how true love is found.

People can't define what love really is unless they feel it.

True love doesn't have an ending.


Maria Mokhtar said...

love is hate

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