Friday, March 11, 2011

Journey to Tioman

Hello and hai to all my follower & FRIENDS. I’m so sorry to update my blog late bcos of my trip to Tioman on 5th-8th march 2011. By the way, I decided to update picture taken in Tioman last week. It was so enjoyable and wonderful at Tioman bcos of the colourful fishes and corals.

As a first story that I would like to tell you is Diving. This is bcos DIVE is my 1st aim when I came to Tioman. I was planning to dive since last year when I saw my sister (Tasha Harun) enjoing their diving in Perhentian. Pangkor and Redang also in Tioman. So it was fun and when you see pictures human playing with a fish.

What ever is, my dive in Tioman just a simple dive like Explore the sea and look around. I was thinking of taking opportunity to see very close fishes, turtles, corals and many more. My sister was adviced me to take diving lessons. But at that time, my budget was tight. After the 1st dive, I feel like amazing and unbelievable that could see what I want to see. 2nd dive was so happening and enjoying.

2nd story that I want to share to you is all about Tioman Island it self. Ya, some people come to tioman just becos they want to spent their time with their lover, family, friends and many more reason. As for me, I come here becos of diving. So I think that was not so bored for me bcos I had plan my schedule and the time was packed. If you come alone, you just to enjoy your time with snorkeling, beach and food.. I think that was so bored becos of activity around the island is not much. Yes you can find your own activity like ‘Kayak’, go to the other place like Tekik area, Panuba or alsewhere. But you must plan all that one befor you come to the Island.

3rd story that I want to share is.. New friends. Yes, I met a lot of people around Salang area in Tioman. 1st time I meet Rizal brother, Jazz friend, Tasha group or divers and Mat Saleh especially Bret from Thasmenia, Gideon Bakker and Lonneke Vis from Amsterdam.

With Tasha Harun

With Izan

With Jazz and Chandran

My group of Dinner in Tioman

Rush and Tasha

Special thanks to Tasha divers group like : Raja Razis, Izan, Epy, Nita, Farid an so on. Love to see u all agai. Thanks to Jazz to make me feel good..haha. Rizal and brother to make it happening. Rush and Ammen to complete our group more fun and happening.

Rizal, Gideon Bakker, Lonneke Vis & Me

I plan to come agin to Tioman soon to take Open Diver water. Huhu..see yaa.


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